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Our Office in Walkersville, MD

Handicapped Accessible • Emergency Service Available • Accepting New Patients

Irish Eyes & Teeth A-Smiling

Beautiful Smiles for Everyone
If You Need a Dentist & Want to Be Seen,
Then Visit the Office of Amy Killeen.
Receive the Treat of Super Service,
With Calm Professionals, Don't Be Nervous.
For the Shamrock Dentist from the Emerald Isle,
Will Work with You on Your Smile,
& She's the Best Dentist for Many a Mile.
So Trust in Amy & Her Helpers Two
with Irish Eyes a-Smiling, You'll Be Smiling Too!

Written by one of our very talented patients.

Dentist's Prayer

Lord, be with me daily
as I practice dentistry.
May I treat with gentle hands
all who put their trust in me.

May my calm assurance
help to ease their fears
To relax the tense adults and
dry the children's tears.

May I treat each patient
with competence and skill,
Whether a difficult procedure or
a tooth that I must fill.

As I diagnose and treat
be with me all the while,
And reward me with my patient's
lovely, healthy smile. Amen

Ramona K. Cecil
© Dicksons

Be Our Guest
(From Beauty And The Beast)

Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest!
Put Our Service to the Test
Hook Your Bib around Your Neck,
& Then Let Us Provide the Rest.

Nice White Fillings, Crowns & More
Our Gentle Cleanings You'll Adore.
We Take Care of Your Insurance,
That's All Part of Our Allure.

You Feel Alone & May Be Scared,
But for That We Are Prepared.
No one's Gloomy or Complaining,
While the Staff's Quite Entertaining.

We Tell Jokes, I Do Tricks,
With My Tools & Dental Picks.
We Treat Grandmas, We Treat Kiddies,
Young to Old Your Teeth We'll Fix.

Tooth by Tooth, One by One!
'Til You Shout "My Smile Is Done!"
& You Know the Treatment Here Is Just the Best!
We Are Open Day & Night,
to Help Keep Your Pearlies White.
Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest! Be Our Guest!

By Amy M. Killeen, DMD & Staff

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